Thursday, 25 April 2013


After school this week has mainly been about enjoying the sun and lots of water play!

The children started up dressing up as St George or the dragon and chased each other about the garden. Very soon they decided they needed potions. Not sure that was in the original St George story but I am all up for adaptation and creativity!

Before long the Knights and Dragons were forgotten and it became all about the sensory.... The feel of the cool water on their toes!

And then the natural progression on to making footprints.... comparing sizes with each other. "my feet are bigger than yours"  "your foot print is bigger/ smaller than mine"
Lots of mathematical language used and observations being made.

There was much pouring!!

and painting! I added chalks and paintbrushes to the table outside and watched to see how they would use them.
They used the pans and pots from the mud pie kitchen to hold the water.

They painted each other!

Used their whole bodies to explore and enjoy the experience. They enjoyed working along side each other and sharing in the play. Older children helped the younger ones to carry the heavy jugs of water and went inside for the refills.

 They chose how they wanted to use the materials provided and came up with their own ideas for exploring the chalks. They made paint by mixing the chalk and water together. They drew with the dry chalk and with the wet chalk, making comparisons as to how the water had changed the way it looked.

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Physical development
  • Understanding the world
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Expressive Art and Design


The sun has finally come out and we have been enjoying some water play in the garden. I filled a tray with water and added some items to the table for the children to explore. Large pebbles, a water wheel, bottles, bits of pipe, a big duck, funnel and some small plastic balls.

Little "R" chose a piece of pipe and walked around the garden looking for somewhere to lean it. She put one end in the truck and I could see she wanted to use the pipe to fill the trucks tipper.  I helped her rest the other end on the Chicken run fence and she ran off to fill a little pot with water.
She poured it in the top and looked down to the other end to watch the water come out.

Very soon her friend Little "I" came over to see what she was doing. She had a wheel barrow and watched for a while as Little "R" went back and forth to the water tray to fill up her bottle and then poured it in to the top of the pipe.

She brought some water over to try it out for herself!

Little "R" found a piece of chalk and placed it in the bottle. She rattled it around in the bottle for a bit and watched it roll about. Then she filled the bottle with water and became very excited to show me the floating piece of chalk! I think we will do some floating and sinking work next week!

Meanwhile Little "I" found some pipes of her own. She tried stacking them in her wheelbarrow and kept looking over to Little "R"'s set up, to see how she could make hers work.

In the end I helped her find somewhere to lean the pipe and added a curved pipe end to it so that it was easier to pour water in to.

It soon became apparent that she wanted the water to be collected at the other end. So we placed the wheelbarrow under the lower end so that the water would flow in to it.

The girls spent a long time on this little project, throughout they chatted about what they were doing, tried out each others water shoots and took turns. They found out how the pipes had to lean to make the water flow from one end to another, they problem solved, became immersed in their play and kept trying when their ideas did not work as they had hoped. The made links to knowledge that they already had about how water behaved and thought about new discoveries like the floating chalk. Their discoveries motivated them to carry on exploring and kept them engaged on their task.

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Physical development
  • Understanding the world
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Expressive Art and Design

Monday, 22 April 2013


Today we started our St Georges Day activities. This always means lots of role play and acting out the story Of St George!

We also have a small world area set up with a castle, Knights and Dragons. This is a big hit and the children were happy to have it back out again.

Buddy Bear got all dressed up in his Knights costume.

The Girls spent a lot of time at the small world area today. Little "R" filled a treasure chest with little Diamonds and Little "L" put Knights on horses!

I hung our England flag and gathered up a few England hats for the children  to try on.

When the older children came home from school, the real role play started. We had a chat about using swords safely and before long the Knights and Dragons were in full costume and racing around the garden trying to catch each other! I invested in a new Dragon and Knights costume for the older children and I am really pleased I did. It is so lovely to see older children role play and become immersed and engaged in a make believe world of their own creating! Changing the story, adding their own details, using new language and really making the story their own!

I am very much looking forward to tomorrows fun!

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Physical development
  • Understanding the world
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Expressive Art and Design

Tuesday, 9 April 2013


Second week of the holidays. 
Today we played with our Playmobil Safari and vet set. This is always a big hit with the children. Kenzie spent a lot of his time making the people and animals do funny things. Little "R" turned it in to a Dr's office and made the people look after each other. 
"Don't worry lady, The Dr will make you better" 

Brendan and Kenzie decided to make everyone a Banana smoothy. Added natural yoghurt  honey and cinemon too! Very yummy. They talked about what they could put in the smoothy and which flavours would go together. they did a great job! Very tasty!

While some of the children played upstairs with the super heros and the toddlers played with Buddy bear and the tea set in the playroom, Brendan made a model of the Earth over the kitchen floor. He had a few "world in a bag" sets. London, New York, Paris and Germany. We found paper, fabric, towels and bits of cloth to make the the scene and then he added the city's.

We talked about Paris. I could explain about some of the buildings because I had been there which made it a bit easier. I haven't been to Germany so we didn't recognise all of the buildings in the set. We decided it would be worth doing a Google search for German landmarks. Brendan quickly recognized one of the pieces as the Brandenburg Gate. He has asked about the Berlin wall before so this sparked more questions and he asked to look for You tube clips related to the night the wall fell.  I remember being a child and seeing it on the news. He was rally interested in all the old news clips and short films we found.
This led to him doing a street view walk about of Berlin.

We somehow got on to talking about Barcelona and then the architecture and designs of Gaudi. I told him about my trip to Barcelona many years ago and how I love Gaudi's Art. We looked at pictures of his buildings, mosaic designs and the Sagrada Familia.

Kenzie and the other children came downstairs and gathered up some big bits of paper, which they spread out over the playroom floor and started to draw and write stories.

Little "R" chose to play with our little village set. She made all the dogs hide behind the bushes and I had to be one of the people looking for them. I had to call to the dogs and pretend I couldn't find them. then she would laugh and say "here he is!" and make it jump out from behind the bush.

Due to me being off ill last week, we missed out on a lot of our Easter activities. I thought it might be nice to still do some of them. We are still in the Easter holidays so I guess it is still relevant!

We decorated some egg cups with porcelain paints. Each child chose how they wanted theirs to look.  Little "R" wrote her name over and over around the egg cup. I sounded out the letters and she drew a circle for each letter I said. She is showing so much interest in writing at the moment. All her marks have meaning behind them and she loves to tell you what she is thinking as she makes them.

Little "L" focused on the colour names for each pen she picked up. She didn't get them all correct but she did give each one a good try. She flipped between using a pincer grip for more detailed marks and a palmer grasp for bigger colouring. Like colouring in the inside of the egg cup.

During nap time the older children had a little play on Lego Batman. This was chosen as an extension to the Superhero play that had been going on in the morning and the Batcave toy they had been playing with. 
They all took it in turns to work in pairs. It required cooperation and working together to move around the screen and complete tasks. They also set a timer for 10 minute intervals and swapped each time the timer went off. No arguments at all and they re-set it each time.

We also did some Easter scratch art. This is always a favourite of the children in my setting and they always enjoy trying to work out how the colours suddenly appear. 

Little "R" and I talked about spirals and she tried to copy the one I did on her egg. She made more circle marks while saying letter sounds.

Brendan made his in to a pattern which I believe I have seen on many Easter eggs. He put his own spin on it.

Little "L" was not really sure what to do and needed me to make a few marks on her egg before she was willing to give it a go. She soon realized she could make the colours appear and that encouraged her to keep trying. I think she found it a bit tricky to push down the stick and move it over the egg at the same time.

Little "E" made very small circles and squares on his egg. Lots of intricate marks. He kept looking at the end of the stick. I think he was trying to work out how the colours were being made.

Our other Little "E" enjoyed making big bold marks across her egg and then colouring in the different sections.

Brendan finished his off with lots of "B" for Brendan's!

Kenzie put the stick to the egg very quickly with no real thought to the marks that were being made or the pattern that was being created. He was very excited to see I had bought these and just wanted to see the colours come through. He told me there was colour in the sticks. I explained to him how it really worked and showed him the black bits on the table that had been scraped off. He seemed amazed to find out what was really happening  At one point before my explanation he said he needed a new stick. He thought it was running out!  Bless him!

Little "N" wrote on his and did lots of zig zags!

Today's play, meets the following EYFS Prime and specific areas
  • Physical development
  • Understanding the world
  • Communication and Language
  • Personal, Social and Emotional
  • Expressive Art and Design
  • Literacy


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