Thursday, 26 July 2012


Well first week of the school holidays arrived and brought the sun with it!

I don't think these pictures need much explaining, but just to say there was lots of fun had, water enjoyed and   learning taking place. How water moves when poured, painted with on a patio or shot through a water pistol.  Lots of exploring with things that floated and things that sank and a spot of fishing with a net!

To many it might just look like a fun day in a paddling pool...... and it really was!!!! But it was also a way to learn some wonderful knowledge without them feeling like they were being taught! As the sun was beaming all week, they got to re-visit this learning and really get a feel for what they had discovered.

The simple learning is always the best learning!

This activity meets the EYFS

  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Knowledge and understanding of the world
  • Physical development
  • Problem solving, reasoning and numeracy

Saturday, 21 July 2012


This week the children have spent a lot of time at the table with pens and paper. I am not sure what has brought on this interest but it has produced some lovely results.

Little "E"is 4 years and 7months and is very much in to his super heroes at the moment, especially the the  Avengers characters. He has enjoyed drawing lots of pictures featuring these heroes this week and i thought i would share this one of Thor's house and Thor.

The big news is that he wrote his name with no help on his picture and then another couple of times on another piece of paper. I would love to share it with you but as I do not share the children's names on this blog I can not.  Sorry.

Little "R" is 23 months and added stickers to her pictures and we made them Olympics themed. She learnt some new words like Rugby ball and bicycle! We practiced our colour recognition  when i drew the Olympic rings on the paper. She is still signing her colours as she says the name!
She has fantastic pen control and holds it correctly. She makes very intricate marks on the page and then gives them meaning. "mummy" "ball" and so on. I label some of the marks as she names them.

Little "X" is 19 months and was more interested in the stickers than the mark making. He needed me to remove the backs but then enjoyed the process of getting this sticky thing off his fingers and on to the paper!
He holds his pens very high up rather than by the nib, but still makes quite small, purposeful and controlled movements! He also liked to try and draw on his stickers.

It is lovely to see 3 children at such different stages of development sharing this activity together. Adding their own interest and twists on their work.

This activity meets the EYFS

  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Creative development
  • Physical development

Saturday, 14 July 2012


Brendan has been in game making mode again the past week. This seems to be something he really enjoys and is actually quite good at.
This one reminds me of a War hammer type game. He has never played War hammer but has popped in to a War hammer shop and asked me what it was all about while he looked at the game table all set up with little scenes and figures. I have no idea how to play the game but I just know the figures use dice to battle.

This week he has created a game using his knights set. He set up 2 forts and shared out the characters.
He made sure each type of knight had set moves and battle rules. Then he got a ruler and dice and showed us all what to do. The knights with crossbows or bows and arrows get to fire from a further distance (the length of the ruler) and a dice is thrown to see if the arrow hits its target. if the opponent roles a higher number then the arrow misses.
Knights with axes, swords or hammers need to be face to face with their opponent to engage in combat. and again the dice is rolled.
People on horses move differently to those on foot.

He has really put a lot of thought in to how the game works and even worked out some tactics to help in the game. He took pieces in to school with him and then did a presentation for his friends and teachers. His teachers told me that the class mates were shocked that he had invented it. When I passed him in the playground that morning he had a crowd of children around him all playing his new game!

I can see a future for this boy and his creativity!

Thursday, 12 July 2012


Its been a funny old week. Getting back in the swing of things after a weekend away. Also an emotional one with the passing of "E"'s Dadcu (welsh grandfather) rather suddenly after loosing his fight with Cancer. A wonderful, kind man that we will all miss very much :-(

The rain continues but we have tried to make the most of it. The rain brought hail with it this particular day!

So we had to check it out. Collect the hail stones before they melted away and then hold them and watch them turn to water in our palms. Answering the many questions Kenzie had about how ice falls from the sky when it's not very cold outside!

Brendan and I looked at some of his Horrible Histories magazines that we were very kindly given by a friend a year or so ago. Brendan has been working on Vikings at school this term and so we looked at that one and found we could write our names in Viking. Brendan has always resisted writing but it is so nice to see him choosing to write more these days.

We had little "E" stay over while his family dealt with the funeral and it was lovely for Kenzie to have his friend for a sleep over. They have been nagging for a sleep over for months so they were both so excited when they found out that's what was happening.

Kenzie shared a book with him at bed time and they chatted and giggled for an hour or so before settling down and then sleeping the whole night through!

The boys were lucky enough to visit a local lady who had run with one of the Olympic torches, with their school! They even got to hold it! I am not sure if they realise what a once in a lifetime event this is for our country, but I am so pleased to have these photos from the school to keep safe for them to look back on!

Sunday, 8 July 2012


What is that is see in the Sky?............ THE SUN!!!! well clouds but there was blue sky and sun later on!

We really made the most of day 3. Crammed in so much but it was not rushed at all.
We got out early and made our way across the Island to the other side. We were not really sure where we were heading but we hoped to find a good fossil hunting beach. On our way we came across a sign that said something about a Sea front and amusements..... so we followed it down a dirt track and came across a place called Fort Victoria.
The Fort was built on the North shore to protect the Isle of Wight from invasion from France and Spain in 1855. Now it has been turned in to several small but fun attractions and a nature walk.

We started off, looking round the underwater Archaeology center. Lots for the children to look at explore.

The worked on loading a ship with cargo and keeping it balanced as they did so.

We learnt about how a rise in global sea levels caused the flooding of the Solant river valley and this cut the Island off from the rest of Britain. They have found lots of artifacts under the ocean to support this. Things that prove people were living on that land before it became the sea bed.

After a good look around here, we popped over to the little Aquarium. The boys love visiting Aquarium and the man behind the counter told them, that if they could find Nemo in one of the tanks, and tell him the name of some of his Fishy friends, then they could have a badge each. The challenge was set!

The boys did find Nemo and his friends and went back to the man to tell him the names of some of the other fish in the same tank and collected their badges!

We popped in to the model railway just in time to avoid a complete drenching when the heavens opened!
The lady there, gave the boys a list of fun things to find and once they found them all they got a lolly pop each!

The sun came back out and we went for a walk along the beach before having a lovely Sunday roast in the cafe.

Then we decided to get back to that Fossil hunting and made our way to the Isle of Wight Pear. This is a wonderful place full of beautiful Pearl jewlery. The beach there is tricky to get to but many fossils have been found here and there are fossil hunting tours run from the fossil shop there. We made our way down there and the boys threw off their clothes again and ran strait for the sea!

They spent quite some time looking for Fossils with Daddy and even bumped in to the man who ran the tours. He chatted to them about good places to look and how to tell the difference between bone and bits of charcoal that is often found there as well.

The tide started to come in so we got the boys dried off and popped back in to the car and drove to Carisbrooke Castle. This was lots of fun but quite hard on the legs as we had to clime many, MANY steps! Worth it for the views though!

All that was left to do was find somewhere fabby for dinner and then go home to pack :-( Our 3 nights were about to come to an end. We still have things we want to see and do over there. We will just have to go back again won't we!

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Day 2 was not as bright.... in fact it was down right soggy!

We decided it was best to find something inside to do. Brendan loves Butterflies, and on our way to the campsite from the Ferry the day before, we had seen a sign to a Butterfly place and thought we would go see what it was like. It was attached to a garden center and cos just under £20 for the 4 of us to get in. It was a lovely place to go and there was an extremely helpful and informative man there. You could tell he loved his job and knew his stuff. The boys kept firing questions at him for about 20 minutes and he answered each and every one of the with real enthusiasm.

The camera didn't like being in the humid environment though and fogged up every time I tried to take a photo, so I had to resort to my mobile phone camera!

Look at all these Crystalis hanging on their sticks. Apparently they release a chemical to make sure that they all hatch together, except for maybe 3 or 4 that are held back and hatch a few days later, so that there is a greater chance of survival for the species. They also know to hold back males and females so that they can reproduce! Amazing stuff!

This was the chap that talked to the boys about the Crystalis and gave us all the info about them.

There was also a fountain and garden display we could walk through in the next greenhouse. It had Japanese water gardens, fountains and jet gardens and ponds of Koi! There was also a mini world that the boys enjoyed walking through.

Brendan was very taken by all the running water. He has a bit of thing for water and is instantly attracted to it! This part was quite noisy as the water was pouring rather than running gently!

We found the  jets part of the fountain display and at this point Brendan started to get rather soggy!!

The weather outside was still awful so we drove to the Bowling ally and booked a lane. I didn't get any photos of this sadly. We did have an hour and a half to wait before we could get on a lane though so we thought we would look through the shops......  and as always seems to happen on a Saturday.... we found ourselves in a Comic book shop!

What did Brendan find?........ A Green Lantern ring that lights up and everything!! Goes with his T-shirt!

We were hoping by this point, that our last day would be sunnier as we really wanted to see more of the island.


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