Monday, 30 April 2012


The sun shone this morning for the first time in a week and the ground was dry! Well the fields and parks were water logged, but the garden and the paths were dry! A day with out rain!
Little "E" and Little "L" had just got back from a week in Cornwall and we felt like today was the day to start our Seaside and Sea creatures topic!

"E" often asks to play with the Sea creatures and today we also pulled out the building blocks so we could make tanks for all of them. "E" told me he was making "enclosures!" I was very impressed with him using a big word like that!
I asked him if he had been to a Sea life center while he was away and he said he had. He told me he had seen Sting rays!

Brendan was not at school today. He has had a nasty cough since Sunday morning and his legs were still hurting form the sponsored walk, so he had a day at home!
He helped E make "enclosures" for all the creatures and between them they worked out what creatures needed the bigger ones and which could live in smaller ones.

 E decided the Killer whale  needed a large one so he set about building it. I mentioned that when I was little, I had seen a display with a killer whale in. It was in Canada and I was 3 years old. I remember getting very wet when it jumped out of the water!
Brendan said he would make a display tank. We added some seats for the people. The tank then got relocated and attached to the whale enclosure, with a little door to let them in and out! Great thinking!

We added people and Brendan set up a yellow splash zone. Apparently one man wanted to get very wet so sat in it!

There was then talk about how we would house the Giant Octopus and her babies. The boys worked on a tank for her and "E" also gathered up the babies and popped them in with the mummy! Sadly this lady got too close and was pulled in! Health and safety would not approve!!

Then it was time for the whale display! Wow! Isn't he a magnificent whale!

After a while, a few people had some accidents.... some got eaten by sharks, others by baby hammer heads!

Once we had started to loose interest in this game, Brendan moved on to a game on his laptop and Little "L" woke from her nap. We changed our St Georges Day display to a beach! Some of the creatures from the Sea life center were reintroduced in to the wild and swam around in our sea!
We made the people beach towels to lie on and found them little umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun!

Some of the people took the boats out to sea for a spot of fishing!
 Opps looks like there is a man overboard!

I am really looking forward to my summer holiday now! All this talk of sun and sea! 


This morning we got some sensory play out! I had an abundance of porridge oats and they needed using, so I filled a tray and added some cups, bowls and spoons. I lay out a picnic rug on the kitchen floor and invited the girls to come and explore!

First we spent some time exploring how it felt between our fingers, watching it drop back in to then tray and transferring some to the bowls with our hands!

After spending a good 10 minutes sitting by the tray, the girls suddenly became very active and started to carry handfuls while walking around the kitchen. I started to get a little nervous at this point as I was starting to suspect a very messy house!
They walked around the tray carrying the porridge and then dropping it in to a bowl.

We used spoons to fill jugs and then poured the oats back out, watching them fall!

 Little "R" tried to pick some oats off the rug and noticed the white powder that they left behind.

Little "L" practiced her self feeding skills. she was not very happy with the uncooked oats though and spat them out!

Some animals came to join us and the girls made them breakfast!

Mr Rhino loved his GIANT bowl of Porridge!

The girls worked together to transfer oats from one bowl to another! They really did play beautifully together and  did not get cross with one another, something that has been happening more and more as they have both been getting older and discovering their own minds!

I can see this being a big hit for the week ahead! and I can see my hoover getting a hearty meal of porridge every day!

Sunday, 29 April 2012


This weekend, Brendan and I took part in the sponsored 10k walk to raise money for the schools swimming lessons. The school are very lucky to be able to offer swimming to every child in the school, every week, due to it's very small size. But with all the cuts that have been made by the government and the cost of living rising so much, everyone is finding it hard to make ends meet. The parents felt so strongly that the children should be able to continue to have this weekly life skill taught to them, that we took part in a sponsored 10k walk to raise money!

Brendan and I have been practicing the last few weeks, but even with that, it was a hard trek. The weather this week has been torrential but the rain mainly stayed away for the few hours we were out, thankfully.

I am so proud of Brendan. Because of his Aspergers I never really let him out of my sight. On top of that he has Hypermobility, a condition that means he is in daily pain, often having to take pain killers and he has to cope with his joints giving way on him with no notice. He falls down the stairs or down steps as this seems to be the usual place his knees give way. I think it must be the action of bending his knees and the leg taking his weight as he steps down. He didn't learn to ride his bike until several years after all his friends and he finds it frustrating that he can't do things that his friends can, like skateboarding and scootering on the ramps.

Bear all that in mind when I tell you, he not only walked the 10k........ but he did it with his friends, pretty much by themselves, just keeping an adult in sight so they didn't get lost. He did it MUCH faster than I did and despite the pain, he stuck it out till the end.

As I was doing my last 1.5K I got a call from a friend at the finish point (a few doors from our house) to say he was back, hurting, quiet and was walking home to daddy. As I walked in to the village I could see him hobbling down the road and going in to the house. I rang home to check he was ok and got Lee to run him a hot bath with one of his LUSH bath bombs that he loves so much. He had  taken pain killers before starting the walk so he couldn't take any more for quite some time. He hadn't even stayed for the after walk BBQ so I knew he was hurting.

I can not explain how proud I felt of him. I just had to keep hugging him and telling him.
He still hurts today, but isn't complaining!
Despite what you hear about young people in this day and age...... ALL the kids did their school and parents proud. They knew we were raising money for an important reason and did their bit. They were responsible, didn't moan, had a great time and I think they were all AMAZING!

We personally raised about £200 sponsorship and I think the whole thing raised over £3000!

I wish I had some pictures of Brendan doing the walk to show you, but from the start he ran ahead with his friends! So sadly I don't. But here are a few of the pictures we did get from the day!

I hurt so much today. My feet and legs. I am walking like an elderly person with bad Knees lol! But it was so worth every ounce of the pain and I feel like it has inspired both Brendan and I to push ourselves to do more walking and exploring!


I would like to share with you all a lovely idea by a fellow blogger who I just love to read! 
Jacqui at Barefoot Crofter shares a wonderful insight to her past week using photos and a short description! The things that make her happy, make life worth living and feed her soul! 
So here is my offering!  My SEVEN DAYS!  

Lot's of St Georges day fun!

Watching my friends Birdie web cam with the kids.

Cooking Herman the German, our friendship cake! He was VERY yummy!

Enjoying one of the very few non-rainy days! WATER FIGHT!

Completing our 1k sponsored walk! Goodness I ache now!

  8 hour power cut due to storms in the night.... so we went out for breakfast!

That's our seven days. Hope yours have been as much fun xx

Thursday, 26 April 2012


We have had nothing but torrential rain for weeks what do my lot do with the 1st crack in the clouds, the first glimpse of sun and blue sky?


I think they are trying to make the most of every bit of sun they can this year! We had the paddling pool out in March!

Bring on the summer! Please! I know we need this rain but we want to play now! In the SUN!!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012


This week I set up a tray activity with stickers. The idea being that little "R" could practice her finer finger movements and peal off the backs. She has done this in the past with stickers, if I start them off for her. This week we were having non of it!
Every time I offered her a half peeled sticker, I simple got "No!"
This activity did not engage her in the way I had expected from past observation and she has not  returned to it despite it being available. Maybe we have moved on from stickers!

After school Little "R" and Brendan made spoon puppets. I bought a couple of kits and they had lots of fun sticking bits to the spoon. I did have to heavily supervise this as we used the hot glue gun. I found in the past, that other glue just not stick the bits on long term, or stand up well to toddlers play, after they have made the item!
Brendan followed his own creative direction with his Knight. Little "R"'s did have a lot of adult input but she did add an extra eye and liked to press the bits on after I had added the glue! I think she had more fun playing with the Dragon after he was made!

They were good fun to make and they both spent some time playing with them after.
 I think they did a grand job!


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