Wednesday, 29 February 2012


Little "R" and I had the day to ourselves today. It was very quiet and lovely to spend some one to one time working on her colours again.

Little "R" tried a new jigsaw this morning. Matching coloured animals to their corresponding circles.

We also got out the magnetic shapes. Little "R" picked up each one and named the ones she could. If she got stuck I would name it for her. We also talked about the colour of each one.

She worked really hard on this. Doing and re-doing each puzzle.

She started to balance magnets on her feet and knees and then watching them fall as she raised her bottom off the ground and straitened her legs. She found this very funny. She also started to match some of the magnets to the corresponding colour puzzle.

Oops! They all fell off!

She spent a good chunk of the morning visiting and then walking away from this activity, but always returning back to it after a few minutes.

After about an hour its was very clear the game was over. She picked up each puzzle piece and placed them in the box, ready for me to put away!

It was time for a snack. Warm milk and a waffle. Yummy!

After snack time we made a "Blue" poster for the playroom wall.  She used crayons, pencils and pens to colour in the pictures I drew on it. Then we collected lots of blue stickers from the sticker box and stuck them on!

A lovely day with lots of gentle learning through play! Just as it should be for our little ones!

Tuesday, 28 February 2012


Today we made St Davids Day cards.

 Little "L" and "E" are half welsh, so I always make sure this day is celebrated in my setting. They are off to Wales in the morning so we were a bit rushed this week and didn't get to do everything I would have liked.

We did make some kitchen roll leeks and added them to the front of cards though!

The leeks are really easy to make:

 You take a bit of kitchen roll, fold it in half and then where the 2 open edges are you cut vertical lines about half way down the paper.
 Roll the kitchen roll up and put a bit of tape around the middle to hold it in place. One end will have the cut bits, which will be the leeks and the other end is the folded end and looks like the end of a leek.
 You then dip the leaf end in to green watered down food colouring or water colour paint and let the paper absorb some of it!
 Leave them to dry and there you have it. a little leek! 

I would like to have taken a photo of the process for this but it was so manic it just didn't happen. I will try and do a tutorial tomorrow for you all! with pictures!

The children then drew, wrote, made marks on the plain cards. Inside and out.  I stuck on the finished leeks and  wrote in the cards for them!

We made one for the welsh Grandparents as well ready to take to them tomorrow!

Happy St Davids day for Thursday!


Following on from the whole interest in Dinosaurs and the topic at school and pre-school, I thought I would make a Dinosaur dinner tonight. I also thought it might be an appealing way to offer Broccoli to "E" who is really not keen on fruit or veg!

The first plate is Brendan's. He does not like beans so he has Pea grass and ketchup for lava in his Yorkshire pudding volcanoes!

This is Kenzie's meal. He has bean lava!

And "E" has a token tree... which he discarded in disgust lol! The rest was loved though! So much for me trying to make veg appealing!

Bite that head off!!

I think i will get more creative with dinners in the future. This was lots of fun!

Monday, 27 February 2012


Little "E" has always liked his Dinosaurs, but this past week or so he has really been back in to them and has asked for them to be got out again. His Pre-school is doing a topic on Dinosaurs this term so I imagine this is what has spurred this latest love for the big beasts!
Last week he took them in to the garden and made walk ways for them with wooden off cuts.

Today, as the weather was  not as dry, he made a home for them indoors. We walked around the playroom together looking for bits to add to the play scene.

Even the little ones joined in!

We made a little camp area and camp fire!

We added a river as well. We thought it might protect the natives from the Dinosaurs! We did add a bridge though so they could go hunting for food.

So much for protecting the natives! This diplodocus (I think) used the bridge to go for a visit!

Hello Neighbours! Thank goodness it was a veggisaurus that came and not a meat eater!

"E" decided to add a waterfall off the edge of the table. Really cool thinking. He ran off to get extra scarfs to make water and used the tree stump as a half way point. Then he found a boat for his cave person and took them for a ride down the rapids!

He even founds bits to make a beach at the bottom. I love how his play just extended n and on. running off to the shelves for more resources to take his play in new directions. This game ended up spreading the length of the playroom!

More scarfs for a river, flowing off along the floor......

Little "R" came to help. She gathered up scarfs and started to lay them out on the floor like she had seen "E" do. He was so sweet and praised her for her efforts. Telling her she was a good girl!

Then she got a bit side tracked and had a game of peek a boo with the river! opps!

It is always so lovely to see where a child's imaginative play takes them. It is so important to give them the time, space and resources to get completely lost and engaged in their game and the freedom to go with the flow!


It has just occurred to me that I have had so much going on this week that I didn't post about Brendan's 10th Birthday! How could I have missed that? :-(

So here are some of the highlights!! Sadly he had to go to school on the day but he still had a great time and also had Birthday pancakes as it was Shrove Tuesday as well!

Brendan, you changed my life forever!
You continue to change it for the better and teach me new things every day!
You have opened my eyes to life through yours and I feel honored to be your mumma!
You are an amazing, bright and caring boy, who I love with all my heart!

Here are some photos of his special day!

His DJ kit for the ps3. He loves it! has been eyeing it up for a very long time!

Science fun from his Aunties!

And the very hard to get hold of, Skylander figure he wanted!!!!! Happy much?

New Tropical fish and a Tank from Nanny and G-Daddy!

And Bath bombs from them too, from his very best shop.... Lush!

Lots of family and friends to share his birthday evening with!

Angry Birds cake I made for him.His request!

 After all his guests left he did a spot of music making on his DJ deck!

Happy 10th Birthday my wonderful boy! Where has this decade gone? Double figure now!
Mumma Loves you so much! xx


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