Tuesday, 31 May 2011


We have been spending a lot of time talking about Farms during our Spring topic. They seem to go hand in hand. New flowers and plants popping up from tiny bulbs and seeds, new animals being born. New life where ever you look!

I set up a new activity tray this week. Play dough and farm animal cutters! The children have been working hard to soften the play dough and warm it up in their hands. This helps them to develop their finger muscles. This sort of fun play is great for preparing those little hands for writing later on! They then practice rolling it flat. Not too flat but enough to make a good cut out! Then we used our cutters to make animals, naming them as we went, naming their babies and talking about the sounds they make and what we might get from them. Wool from a sheep, milk from a cow!

 We also worked together to make a lovely Farm sensory box! "C" and "E" helped me to colour some dried rice, green. They had lots of fun stirring it and then spreading it out in then tray to dry.

We then looked around the house for as many Farm related toys as we could! This was lots of fun and great to see their minds working through what they might find on a farm and adding it to the box! Then it was time to play!! "C" loved the Tractor and trailer most of all and filled the trailer with all sorts of things!

Even little "R" got in on the act. She loved the feel of the cool rice between her fingers and chewed on a few farm animals for good measure!

After lunch we planted some seeds. Once they are big enough we will take them to our allotment out the back and plant them up where the bunny can't eat them!
We looked at the different seeds, talked about their shape, size and colour. Lots of mathematical thinking and sorting going on! The children all know that plants needed soil, water and light from past planting activities, they are becoming dab hands at this gardening stuff now you know!!

Looking forward to seeing hows these grow. The children love to see them popping through the soil and changing. The pumpkins are very impressive and get huge fast! We will keep you all posted!


We have all been enjoying the unusually warm Spring weather here and making the most of the sun while we have it!
On this particular day "C" and "E" asked to go on a Treasure hunt! I knew there was a Geocache less than a mile from the house, up a dirt track. so we filled up our watter bottles, grabbed our bag of "swaps" and went for a little stroll with the dog!
The children had a great time running along the track, looking out for birds, Pheasants and picking up "special" stones along the way.
Once we reached the Treasure spot, i gave the children a clue..... "In a tree that has had a hair cut!" They both beelined for the trees and after not much luck I focused their attention back to the clue...... "tree that's had a hair cut????" What could that mean. "C" suddenly had a brainwave and ran to a tree that had recently been cut back... and there in the trunk was our Cache box!

They dived in and started to look through the Treasures! What would they choose? Their choices did change a couple of times but eventually "C" chose a "Germ"... or Gem to the rest of us! and "E" chose a blue car! I signed the log book and then "C" popped the cache back where she found it, ready for the next Treasure hunters to pop along.

On the way home we gathered lots of sticks! This is a regular thing on our walks at the moment! My front garden is often littered with sticks that have been collected while we have been out and about.

We had a very special treat on our walk back home. As we passed a field, a herd of baby cows came to say hello. They were so friendly and the children picked lots of grass and leaves to feed them. The children started to talk about the names of baby animals that they new, like Calf, lamb, piglets! This was something they have started to talk a lot about recently so I have put this mini theme in to my Spring planning!

We have also had a new member of our Childminding family join us. "R" is a wonder full, happy and cuddly little girl, who has settled in fantastically with us. We are feeling very sorry for Mummy who has had to go back to work :-( We think Mummy needs more time to adjust than little "R" so we have been looking after her too. Special hugs for mummy!
This is "R" on her first day with us!

 Welcome to our setting beautiful baby "R"!



100 POSTS! I can't quite believe it!
41 lovely followers all popping in to read my posts! That feels really good!

I have had parents call me up asking for places for their children in my childminding setting  after reading this blog and that is a real compliment to the fun and learning I try to offer to the children who come here.
This is just a very small post to say thanks to you all! Thanks for popping buy, Thanks for being a follower and thanks for all your kind comments! I love reading the feedback I get!

I really hope I have helped some of you with ideas for fun, educational experiences for your children and given you some new things to try. I hope I have shared just a little of the fun and learning Nature has to offer! I know you have all helped me and I love reading through all the posts from fellow bloggers! I learn something new every day from you all!

So this post is really just a HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!

If you haven't already joined then please pop over to my Facebook page for regular up dates and pictures! Leave me feedback and if you like what you see, please share with friends!

Pip xx


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