Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Last day of our trip. Filled with another yummy breakfast and all packed up, we headed off for our last trip. On route home this time. Stonehenge! I haven't been there for many years. I was a child myself.
It was lovely taking the boys to see this amazing structure. I asked them to think about how the stones could have been moved and lifted. I told them there were no cranes or lorries. This was all done by people many many years ago. Even before the wheel was invented. I told them that some people thought it was built by Aliens..... They found this quite funny!

It was fun to watch them running about and Brendan trying to work out how the stones were stood up and lifted on top of each other.

It was a very windy day... always seems to windy there!! Kenzie enjoyed looking at the guide map and spotting the numbers as we walked around. referring back to his map at each point! Really sweet as his number and letter recognition has really started to grow in the past month!!

Then it was time to head home. The boys had a little rest on the back seat. Both worn out from a very busy and energetic weekend!

That was the end of our lovely weekend away. I hope you enjoyed reading about it! I know I enjoyed sharing it with you all.

Monday, 30 August 2010


So day 2 of our holiday started in TGI Fridays. They have a set up with the hotel for an  "Eat as much as you like Breakfast" for all the guests. LOVELY!! The kids also eat free which is even better! So we all started the day on a full English Breakfast as well as toast, fruit salad, yogurts and lots of milk, tea and juice! Very full!!!

We decided to spend the day seeing the sights of Portsmouth and also having a ride on a boat! We headed off to Gosport and parked up. The boys were very excited to get on the little Ferry across the water and loved watching all the other boats. It was a very short ride. literally 2 minutes. but still very exciting for them!

We found the Historic Dockyards and took a tour round The HMS Warrior. Lovely ship with such a long history. Restored to a lovely condition. So nice to see a REAL ship!! Also a big contrast against the big grey Navy ships that were there too. We were very surprised to hear that the "Well to do" families paid for their sons to join the navy at a higher rank.... at the age of 12!!! they showed some of the small weapons that they would have used in battle. What an awful thought! They even had an alcohol ration at that age??? Madness! Tanked up little boys, running around the ship, giving orders with a weapon in their hands???

We also took a tour of Nelsons ship, The Victory. Another great restoration. We also visited the museum that holds the Trafalgar sail. its is HUGE and torn so badly. we saw paintings of various stages of the battle and the poor ship really took a battering! We did however find it funny that the captains of these ships slept in big wooden cots (Think hanging cribs) with delicately embroidered butterflies and flowers on them!! Didn't really fit the image we had!

We Then popped in to the Mary Rose Museum. Unfortunately we did not get to see her as she is having work done. But the Museum was lots of fun! The boys enjoyed raising a mast and tying it up!!

We then tried on some Armour! Don't they look fetching. It was very heavy and we talked about how hard it would be to run in to battle wearing it!

After a full packed day, we topped it off with a cuppa and cake in a local coffee shop with my Mums Cousin and husband. They live there and we caught up with them briefly. It was great to catch up and to sit down for a bit!! After a few minutes shopping (or an hour) we caught the ferry back, drove to the Hotel and had a yummy dinner back at TGI's.
Once we got back to the Hotel the boys enjoyed their own Army play! They took out the building bricks and toy soldiers we had brought with us and they made boats, islands, towns and other exciting things for their tanks and soldiers! Then they had a lovely bath and played with Kenzies new Balloon powered wooden boat in the bath tub!

Another FANTASTIC day! Sadly the holiday was very nearly over... just one more day left.....

Sunday, 29 August 2010


This Bank Holiday weekend we decided to go away. Now as a rule we lead a rather boring life and do not travel much. We have yet to travel outside of the country together and have only had a few trips to Somerset or Manchester with the kids.

Both my man and my boys wanted to see the Big ships at Portsmouth and I had been recommended the same place by a friend not too long ago. So I thought "lets have an adventure!"

So Friday morning we left the house and pets in the safe hands of my sister and her partner and we got in the car and.... well sat in Bank Holiday traffic! Typical!
After a couple of hours we got to our hotel. Brendan had one request of the whole holiday. To stay in a Premier Inn. Because the adverts said they had really comfortable beds! This turned out to be very true! So that's where we stayed.

The first thing we did after we booked in was to have a quick Cuppa and then get back in the car and drive down to SouthSea. We packed in quite a bit that first evening.
The boys have not spent much time on a beach (bad mummy) and when we have been it has been out of season and FREEZING! I have to say this was not one of the hottest days of the year so I did not expect much more than a toe dip..... The boys however ran across the Pebbles and strait in. I managed to get them to take everything off except their pants and then they just threw themselves in the water! So lovely to watch!!

At one point we did notice a big Hovercraft heading our way. Turns out we were next to the Hovercraft dock! The big wave it created gave the kids lots of fun but did knock poor Kenzie off his feet! They loved watching them come in and go back out! Very Impressive to watch!

After the Sea we walked over to the BIG Dinosaur. Not sure why it was there but the kids liked standing under it and looking at it.

We then walked to the "Portsmouth Naval Memorial". We explained to the boys how all the names on the plagues were the names of Navy people who had died. I don't think they really took it in though.

We popped in to the Aquarium and enjoyed seeing all the fish and Sea creatures. The Rays came to say hello and the Carp tried to bite our fingers! We saw Lizards and snakes, Sharks and crabs! Lots of lovely tropical fish! We walked through and under water tunnel which was lovely!

Once we had finished we walked up to the Southsea Castle. We were too late to go but we walked around the area and then took a stroll along the sea front back towards the car park stopping for some dinner on the way!

Everyone slept well that night! We got so much done in such a short time and had so much fun!!
I will share day 2 with you tomorrow!

Thursday, 26 August 2010


Last weekend was the Rewind music festival in Henley. My sister asked me to drive her and her friend there. So after dropping them off, the boys and I went to have a wonder around Henley town center. I haven't been there in over 9 years so was nice to go somewhere different!

WARNING- poor picture quality as I have a pants camera on my mobile!

The boys were so excited to see the boats and ducks as we drove in so I promised them we could buy some bread and go back and feed the ducks!! I also wanted to show them the lovely bear shop. it sells lovely "expensive" bears. Brendan's Stieff bear came from there when he was born!

 After buying the bread we took a walk back towards the river. We got a bit side tracked by a toy shop and then had to suffer an Autistic meltdown when it came to leaving. Getting harder to physically remove him and keep him safe now he is older and taller. He now has bite marks up his arms where he took the frustration out on himself. Thankfully we don't have as many of these as we used to and as soon as he saw the Ducks.... all was forgotten. The Bear shop was a joy! Kenzie wanted to kiss all of the bears and hug them! very cute to watch.

We soon made it to the river and looked at the boats. Lots of different types and sizes! We even found one with my name on.... although it was very small lol!

The ducks were very friendly and the geese even more so. They took the bread from your hands. I believe they are Canadian geese. Brendan thinks he can speak Goose! Magpie Goose in particular since we were at the local wildlife park a few weeks ago. He had many conversations with these geese. probably telling them how mean Mummy was at the toy shop lol!!

 Very soon the boys realised they could share the ducks bread and so it became some for them and some for the boys!



 Even after the bread the boys said they wanted dinner out. We wondered along the river and in to town to find somewhere nice to eat. Henley has some lovely old buildings and a great church. The boys spent a lot of time touching the church as it had a lot of flint on it. Both of the boys had been making Flint knives with my sister and brother at my Nans wake last week and have started to recognise it where ever we go. They enjoyed the checker board pattern and the feel of the flint sticking out! Brendan got particularly excited when he saw that the front was mainly Flint!

I really enjoyed the Tudor buildings. they are so pretty and full of history! The beams and painted fronts are amazing. I love the fact that I live in a country with such a long history and that much of it can still be seen today and is still in use.

 Eventually the boys chose a hotel bar/restaurant to dine in. Yummy!!!! Stake for dinner! The boys loved using the menus and choosing what they wanted to eat! Kenzie had a huge plate full. This picture was taken as he flicked Vinegar in his eye, ooops!!

On the way back the boys swung on railings and said one last goodbye to the ducks. Oh and held a phone conversation with |Auntie Jacky who was walking along the other side of the river on her way in to town for dinner!

I remember doing this as a child and hoping on the doorsteps as i went along! except I often triped over peoples empty milk bottles on the door step!

I can see both the boys asking to go back and feed these ducks again. although they did get very cross with a mean Goose  who grabed a little duck in his beak and pushed him out the way of the bread. Brendan gave him a stern talking to in Goose!!


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